Welcome to the Peaceful Schools Program


The Peaceful Schools Program promotes and supports safer, more respectful, bully-free environments for our children and youth by teaching important skills for thoughtful problem solving and healthy relationships.

Using the following guiding principles -the Four Awesome Questions or FAQs:

• Is it true? 
• Is it fair? 
• Will it help build better friendships? 
• Will it be good for everyone?

along with selected books, activities and songs, the program teaches important social and emotional skills including expressing feelings, building community, resolving conflicts, and celebrating diversity.

Our Impact

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Student Participants
  • “The Four Awesome Questions are hanging in our classroom and are referred to when discussing behavior, conflict and friendship skills.” – Julie S., Elementary School Teacher

  • “Students have used some of the songs and were deeply moved by the message in ‘Don’t Laugh at Me.’” – Mary (2nd Grade Teacher)

  • “We refer back to the books, the lessons learned, and also are able to refer to the high school students and how they work hard and take really hard classes that they need to be prepared for.” – A Happy Educator

  • “The Peaceful Schools Program is teaching me how to be successful in life.” – 1st grade student

  • “Thank you so much for bringing the program into our school – the program has been a huge success!” – Tami K., School Counselor

  • “I am learning that I need to be nicer to my friends.” – 1st grade student

  • “I like the Peaceful Schools Program because I can make a difference for children by teaching them lessons that will stay with them throughout their life.”- high school student volunteer

  • “The Peaceful Schools Program has made me realize that I am a role model for younger children and I can make a difference for them.” -high school student volunteer

  • “The Peaceful Schools Program is awesome… teaching this program to the elementary students has taught me a lot too!” – high school student volunteer