Books for Building Character and Community

Books For Building Character And Community


Program Overview

The Books for Building Character and Community provide an alternative method to teach the guiding principles encompassed in the Four Awesome Questions. These books and accompanying lesson plans can be used as a stand-alone program, or in conjunction with the classroom-based Peaceful Schools Program, to further foster the development of social and emotional skills in children. The books are priced to enable each child to own his or her own copies, thereby supporting literacy in addition to character development.

Please note that each book focuses on one or more of the Four Awesome Questions provided on the inside back cover of each book.  The stories model and explain these guiding principles and the discussion tips provided at the end of each book provide starting points for engagement with young readers in dialogue regarding challenging social emotional situations.

In addition, the BE STRONG book provides children and youth with a tool to use when faced with bullying. The book offers strategies for avoiding, deflecting and diminishing bullying behaviors. The BE STRONG acronym is explained in the book, with discussion tips provided at the end of the book and a summary of the acronym on the inside back cover.  A BE STRONG lesson plan and poster are also available.

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