Peaceful Schools Program

The Peaceful Schools Program simplifies the language of the Rotary 4-way test into the Four Awesome Questions (FAQs):


Program Overview

The Four Awesome Questions (FAQs) are simple, straight forward and easily understood by young children and are the foundation of the Peaceful Schools Program.  The curriculum is built around the FAQs with four lesson plans, each lesson focused on one of following social/emotional skills: expressing feelings; building community; celebrating diversity; and resolving conflict.

The Peaceful Schools Program (PSP) is a classroom-based program, frequenty sponsored by a Rotary Club, delivered in elementary school classrooms (grades 1, 2, and/or 3), by high school students who are trained by Rotarians to effectively teach the program.  While Rotarians can also teach this program in the classroom, high school students are ideal in that the elementary students respond extremely well to them and the high school students gain immeasurable benefits from the program as well. Please note that middle school students can also be quite successful in delivering this program or the simpler lesson plans found under Books for Building Character and Community.

Each of the 4 classroom sessions (and corresponding lesson plan) includes reading and discussion of a children’s story that illustrates the lesson concept, activities that demonstrate the lesson concept, and music that inspires the children to internalize these lessons.

In addition, BE STRONG provides children and youth with a tool to use when faced with bullying. BE STRONG can be added to any of the 4 classroom lessons. The BE STRONG book, lesson plan and poster (found under Program Resources) offer strategies for avoiding, deflecting and diminishing bullying behaviors. The BE STRONG acronym is explained in the book, with discussion tips provided at the end of the book and a summary of the acronym on the inside back cover.

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