Middle School Program

Middle School Program

The core outline of this program is direct meetings with middle school students in the classroom where the Rotary 4-Way Test is presented, students are given the opportunity to discuss their daily conflicts and issues, and then encouraged to use the 4-Way Test to help them find solutions to those problems.


Program Logistics

The Club arranges sessions with individual middle schools to meet with the students for one or more class periods to conduct the sessions. Middle School students (grade 6, 7 and 8) are very receptive to this program.

Program Delivery Overview

Program:  At the session the Rotarians start by introducing themselves and Rotary to the students. 4-Way Test cards are then handed out and students are asked to read the 4-Way Test principles out loud.

The Rotarians (typically 2 per class) explain that the students will be asked to write out on a 3-5 index card an issue that may concern them or friends in the class. The names of the students are not to be written on the cards and all issues written down will be held in strict confidence.

The cards are collected from the students and the class is split into small groups (typically 4-6) depending on class size. The Rotarians review the cards and select several to read to the class for open discussion. Each small group is asked to discuss the issue and come up with a proposed solution to the problem. Ideally the 4-Way Test principles are applied in guiding the students to a solution.

When the students have had enough time for discussion, the Rotarians ask for volunteers from each small group to provide the class with their solution to the problem. Open discussion is monitored by the Rotarians and an opportunity to tie the problem and solution back to the 4-Way Test usually presents itself.

For More Information

Please contact Danny Lindau at dlindau@coloradogroup.com for more information including a variety of planning tools.